Rafting - Rhone Discovery


For children and beginners who are looking for a safe and secure river rafting experience, this initiation is on a descent between Chippis and Sion, St Leonard and Aproz, Vouvry and Le Bouveret or Brig and Visp. This section is an introduction to white water rafting. Acquire the skills necessary for paddling in the rapids of our different courses and learn the necessary steering manoeuvres. Take a tranquil and serene rafting journey with your children. From a new point of view enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the region, discover the castles of the city of Sion or just enjoy a refreshing raft experience on a hot summer’s day!


  • Level: Easy
  • Age: > 7 years
  • Duration: 3h00
  • On the water: 1h15
  • May to October
  • Location: Sion/Uvrier
  • depart-icone-temps-rafting-hydrospeed-canyoning-valais-wallis-sion-schweiz-suisse-switzerland10h00, 13h30 or 16h30
  • Price: CHF 90.-
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