About Swissraft Activity

About Us

Swisscraft Activity is made up of a team of international professional river guides certified to lead our rafting, canoeing, and hydrospeeding activities. We supply all equipment needed for each activity, including a wetsuit, jacket, and neoprene shoes. We also provide a helmet and lifejacket that conform to PPE standards.

We are insured by Baloise insurances in accordance with the legal bases.

We speak French, English, and German, and offer all our activities in those three languages.

Our Base in Sierre en Valais

We are located on the bank of the Rhône, and we welcome you to bask in the glorious nature surrounding us. All of our whitewater rafting activities leave from this base. However, you can also request to organize a departure from an alternate location, such as the Lac de Géronde in Sierre.

Your Partner for Whitewater Activities in France

FRANCERAFT is a specialist in water sports in Savoie on the Isère and Doron de Bozel.